Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Drawing of the Day

Slackjaw Snorehead beach party
This was the last drawing I did at work, so I got to color it pretty fully. You'll notice I was going to have them holding drinks, but then I realized that made it look like they had alcohol.

I decided to just...draw them empty-handed.


  1. They were busy drinking...the water.

  2. Woah... BONKERS!?!? It's been like, millenniums (or millenia?) since I've seen the likes of that guy! So... are you being paid then to draw these? If so, WHERE DO YOU WORK AND HOW DO I GET THERE?

  3. I have the sweetest gig in town, but I'm actually not being paid to draw. The feds are shellin' out dough for me to be an "attendant" to a guy what has autism.