Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Share I actually love this. I usually don't with this sort of thing, but... wow.


  1. Dude. Thanks for sharing that. It was both inspiring and thought-provoking, assuming that wasn't totally redundant. I'll probably be digesting that for a while.

  2. It wasn't redundant, and yeah.

    Mostly I was inspired by what this man's goals were. I share them a lot. I also, as you have stated elsewhere, want to enable others to "make good cars," but he's really got it down.

    The goal-making thing, too, was really important to me because I have so much (read: too much) "free" time.

    His other stuff is really good, too, by the way. I saw his work at the Austin Comic Con and I am now kicking myself for not picking any of it up. He's got a really cute, finished webcomic called Chad and Mal.