Saturday, December 10, 2011

ZELDA not in this picture, actually.

I did this at work and like it so much I touched it up at home.


  1. You're just perpetuating that embarrassing misconception I have that Zelda is Link's name and that they're actually the same person.

    That's kind of an awesome drawing, though. What was the prompt--Link pwns Bowser, epic-style (all styles)?

    "Aggingl" is a good strangle-y sound effect.

  2. Well, actually that's Ganon (he's essentially a big, blue pig), and the prompt was "Link Red Ring Magical Shield Silver Arrow." So, since I know that the Silver Arrow is pretty much useful only for the end boss fight, I decided to set the drawing there, and the rest just came naturally. When I get a list of equipment, it's almost a free prompt, so long as all those things are visible. I like those requests.