Friday, April 6, 2012

The Violence Inherent in the System

This may seem over-the-top, but first of all he's NegaDuck (he's supposed to be eeeevil) and secondly he's in Super Smash Brothers. If there is any violence that ISN'T inherent in that system...


  1. Whoa, Mash-up EXTREEEME! Lol they totally should put him in SSB :)

    1. Actually, that would be awesome. He could be a palette swap of Darkwing.

      Also, just thoughts: a Disney-themed fighting game would be EPIC. We would finally know the answers to burning, universal questions like, "Pocahontas vs. Captain Amelia; WHO WOULD WIN?"

    2. Ooh, good question! My bet is on Captain Amelia, mostly because the last time I watched Pocahontas, I was disappointed to find that she was quite a lot like an actual young adult (we seem so much cooler and put-together to 4-year-olds). But in SSB, she would probably have some kind of spirit-wind power/smash thing that would be irritatingly effective...

    3. Ugh. My doge, you're totally right. Like, FWOOSH. But Captain Amelia could get an assist trophy of Mr. Arrow. :) Then it'd be all over.

    4. It's true! Those two and their lovely banter are a deadly combination. Of awesome.