Friday, October 28, 2011

I Remembered My Pen Today

Why do I keep drawing things that look like pinups???
(Yesterday's example:


  1. Whaaaaat?

    1. What's a pinup?
    2. Who is that batmouseduckbabe?
    3.I won't ask why (what appears to be) Slackjaw is wearing her costume, because that's awesome.

  2. Okay, I'm going to answer those in reverse order.

    3. Yes it is.

    2. First, go here
    You now understand her character. If you need more at all, go here
    Also, I would advise on not digging too deep, because Sonic fans are weird. And often not in a good way. *shudder*

    1. A "pin-up," as I understand it, originated as just that--a little picture, lithograph, whatever, that you would pin up somewhere. Duh. It's technically defined by this, and by usually only having a person ( know, anthropomorphic duck) as its subject. Bare minimums in terms of back-ground. HOWEVER, pin-ups also tend to have the connotation of being... well, scantily-clad women, to be honest. In fact, it was only when some artist was talking about "Wolverine pin-ups" (and other similar context hints from other artists) that I realized that pin-ups didn't have to be grodilated.

    Also however, however: I have been drawing so many slightly unclad people-things that it's almost embarrassing. I'm a pretty modest person as a rule, so it's kind of hard to do, even though my artist-side is all like Wheee, the figure sort of.

    In essence, I am trying to laugh at something that makes me slightly uncomfortable. And myself because it makes me uncomfortable. And stuff.


  3. This is what wikipedia says about pin-ups: they're usually skanky, BUT "In comic books, a pin-up is simply a full-page piece of artwork, most often without dialogue, that showcases a character, group of characters, or significant event, published within an issue, rather than made available by itself as a poster.

    In professionally published fan magazines for films and television series, a posed photograph of actors or actresses from the subject matter, but which might also showcase specific scenes from the subject matter in photograph form (called stills) are occasionally called pin-ups. The label is very casual, though, as these types of fan media are more accurately described as posters."

    There you have it.