Thursday, October 27, 2011

No There's Not A Particular Reason I'm Putting This Up, Why Do You Ask

Reference for...erm, myself on what all my doodles of my characters look like. I color-coded so that the uninitiated could see with ease who was who...m.
This is essentially the principal cast of the comic.
Also, that height comparison chart shows me (and anyone else who was curious) what all the characters would look like as ducks.


  1. This is pretty great. Especially the ducks part. Because I was curious*.

    I like Li's hair. And his Brock-esque lack of visible eyes.

    And Scarrow keeps getting rattier and more ladeez-manly every time I see him; James is jealous. I mean, he's trying so hard with those really broad shoulders, but he just isn't cutting it.

    You're amazing, my doge.

    *Dustin Hoffman: "Why."

  2. Another P.S. I'm looking at this in the computer lab in the JKB, and the ducks thing seriously made burst out laughing. It was a short burst, but it definitely disturbed the guy working next to me.


  3. "Bunk-mate."

    There's no way this can be taken out of context!
    I also really like the way Li turned out! Lots and lots! No-eyes really works for him! And you wanna know something that's kind of a slightly long story and has no point? OF COURSE YOU DO

    One day, my dad asked me--being a total goof--if I thought it'd be a great idea to make the comic all with ducks. 'Cause that's what I do with my real-life life. So then I did start drawing them, but when I got to Li, it was super-cool because I remembered those ducks with the super-adorable stripes on the sides of their head so that you can't see their eyes. And THEN it applied to Li's real head. His eyebrows make FANTASTIC eyes for him.
    Plus it also works great with the whole second-sight thing. That he doesn't have visible eyes. It's all...symbolLOLic.