Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Here's what I draw at work every day

Slackjaw Snorehead Tea in the Jungle
Louie Duck Talking to Mr. Gatti's Pizza
Mystery Quest Playing sonic the Hedgehog
Huey Duck get dressed
Wakko at the beach


  1. Cool stuff, my doge! Do you use reference while working, or do you have to do extensive research on these cartoon characters beforehand and hope that you have what it takes at zero hour?

    On that note, I have some individual comments:
    Who the heck is Slackjaw Snorehead?
    Louie Duck's monologue to the pizza makes me smile. As does the picture of Huey Duck getting dressed; it's so moody. ("Look at that one! So brooding!")

    You have a cool job, my doge. And you seem pretty good at it. :)

  2. Thank you!
    Usually, John will use Firefox to look up a picture of the character. Also, it is usually plagued with problems, like, it's a piece of fanart, or I can't see the character's feet.
    Normally, I can fill in with my freakish knowledge of 90s and late-80s cartoons and videogames, but I'm not really going for "precision."

    Also, there's a lot of repetition. And I have actually looked up some of the cartoon characters when I'm off-duty to figure out what they look like.

    Finally, Slackjaw Snorehead is--at least, from what I can gather--the lackadaisical, "hippie-boy" type nephew of Scrooge McDuck's rival, Flintheart Glomgold. (Kind of a long-haired, lazy foil to Donald Duck.) Scrooge has a long history of comics, which is what the DuckTales show was based on. Slackjaw only appears in the comics, though, so he's kind of obscure.

  3. Nice. That, plus the useless info you gave me elsewhere, makes me really like Slackjaw. (Hiro would say, "You would.") And, Flintheart Glomgold is an amazing character name. I should probably look into the Scrooge McDuck comics.