Monday, August 22, 2011

He's The Most Fun To Draw

This may be the last thing I draw for a little while. I'm going up to Utah to take my brother to college (and get all my own stuff back home). Exciting!


  1. Oh, Jerry. You will always feel insecure and like a temp, even after you've worked for Black for a year.

    As I said before, those vectors are really working for you and this comic. I like it a lot. Did you have to tweeze out the words, too, or is there a text tool?

  2. It's true, I'm LOVING the styles-upon-styles that vectors are giving this thing. All the absolutely straight lines make it look really different from everything I've ever drawn before, which is fun! I may ease up and let some curves get in there someday, but it's super-cool to use all the blocky straight lines.

    Also, stunningly accurate analysis of Jerry, AND, there IS a text tool, I'm glad you asked! Actually, it's MUCH more flexible to use than the Gimp, so I'll probably be pulling most of my text stuff into Inkscape to do the lettering. If you ever do computer styles that need word styles, then...yeah, I recommend. At least, over the Gimp.

  3. Again, useless information ahoy.

    I is for INchiladas...