Thursday, May 5, 2011

Comic Pages

I've been working on this for a few weeks now. (Well, I use the term "working" loosely...)
Have 5 pages.


  1. LOL! I love the Squid character!
    And I said What the heck?! aloud when I saw him beating up the TV! xD This is one crazy comic! And I love the flow! And the speech bubbles/narrative blocks!
    The inconsistent page background is a bit confusing/distracting though, looking at the comic as a whole. On its own as a page, it looks great, but not when they are supposed to be continuing pages. Page 2 especially, I think, is the most distracting one as far as the change in back ground goes, if you know what I mean. I first wasn't sure if it was a flash back, day dream, reality, or what.
    But it was reality, now I know with page 3, which is even more funny.
    Anyways, this is so fun!
    I'll be looking forward to more pages :D

  2. Sorry, I'm still new at this. I'll keep in mind that background consistency thing. I'm learning more now where to allot my time and effort--where to "spend the most money," if you will--so that first page is really amateurish by comparison. Before this, I'd mostly drawn comic strip type comics; just really simple stuff. But I'm getting better. I think if I were to re-do this, I might make it more clear that it's a TV before having him punch it. Like we're zooming out from it. Or whatever.

    But that's actually something I hadn't thought about. Thanks so much for commenting! It's great to know that people are looking out for me. It's also great to learn all this stuff, so I can be a much better artist. Thanks for taking the time to peruse and ESPECIALLY to comment. You're helping me get better! Thank you!

  3. This comment will also help you improve...

    I really like the sound effect of the door shutting in the last panel of page 5. Yes.

  4. Page 5? OH!! Totally read the whole comic
    Ok, now things makes more sense now,,

  5. Oh! My bad on that! It's just the way blogger uploads this. No wonder you were confused!

    And, Emily, your thoughtful and deep critique will always be probably my primary inspiration. :) Like, in interviews, when people ask me my inspirations, I'll say Miyazaki and your awesome critiques. :P