Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hard At Work 2

Color is the most fun.


  1. Whoa, does James have white hair??

  2. Sorta. I decided he's got that "distinguished" look. Remember that time you told me about that commercial where it was telling guys how to get that silver going on, so they look older and "wiser" etc.?

    James' appearance changed and a whole bunch of other things fell into place when I figured out he was a psychiatrist.

  3. Eugh, creepy. For the record, the "older and wiser yet still prime and dashing" look really just had silver at the temples.

    So in one sense, I think artists are pathetic, musicians are scary, and psychiatrists are creepy. I make sense, my doge...

  4. TOTALS. Wait, what? :) I want to hear your explanations.