Saturday, May 7, 2011

Tablet Malfunction!

link So, my tablet is completely broken, and I won't have another one for a while. I'm sorry, guys!
BUT, as a cop-out, have a sketchdump. I drew alla these today, in my car on the way to and from the park. Had a really nice, vigorous walk with my family and my doge.
I'm proud to say that I didn't use any image manipulation to do anything besides cropping. So, yeah! You can see my every mistake, but all the good stuff is mine, too!
I used my sketchbook and my brand, spanking new set of Sakura Pigma pens.


  1. LOL, that was some good techno exposure, wasn't expecting that xD
    The old lady(?) is really fun! I think that could be my favorite out of the three, LOL did that guy really have his eyes that close together? It's a really unique face, you should use that on a character :)
    And the car, Classy, classy
    And I lost the game,,

  2. Oh, snap!
    Thanks for following me! It's cool!
    I've been trying to work on caricature, exaggeration, not just drawing by a formula, not just copying what I think is there, etc. I've found that slowing down and just being careful are really the things that help the most. So...trying to do that more. I've been drawing more objects and trying to get better communication out of my art. I want it to look good, not just be "passable."
    I haven't got my letter yet, but I'd like to think I've been invited to reapply in August, and if that's so I need to work harder than ever!