Sunday, May 8, 2011

Things that make sense

I thought of another way to think about drawing just now. Like, today. And it's kind of weird, or maybe it's obvious, but I just want to write it down so I don't forget.
Drawing is like a net.
There's this invisible, three-dimensional object already there in your head, and it's lurking there in the paper. You use your lines--you marks that you make on the page--like a net, to catch what is in fact already there. Kind of similar to a computer wireframe, but also very different because you have to make your choice as to what lines will capture the "fish" best. Or the hand, or the face, or whatever.

Now, probably some of you already have thought about it this way. Maybe. But thinking of that just made my mind bend a new way, and think more dimensionally and better about drawing.

It should help me out this week as I try to do more of this. I was practicing hands, and I was kind of thinking of this wonderful tutorial: link Which led to my thought that I took down above for you.
Here are some of my hands:

You may notice some words written next to them. I was kind of trying to use the list of expressions found here to do this practice. However...

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