Thursday, May 12, 2011

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So, this page was initially supposed to have some sort of story to go with it. (To my friends: I really DO mean "SomeSortOf" when I say that.) But I ended up just sort of half-baking it enough that I decided to leave out the text and just consider it nonsense. It sort of came about at my dad's suggestion, because I'm going to try doing a little ten-pager, at my friend Sarah's request. Anyhoo, my dad suggested that I try out my "pipeline" with a little throwaway page.

To fill you in on the rest, I'll just copy my dA account post:
Some of you ("I have no idea who I'm broadcasting to!") may remember that I offered a kiriban some time ago. Some may also remember or somehow know that it ended up being awarded to :iconlightlybow:. She asked me for a rendition of the first date between two characters.

Almost anyone may also notice at this point that there is an entire lack of response to her request.

Well, FEAR NOT. Because I'm seriously going to do this. I'm thinking that I'll make a comic of it, just a short little one-shot deal, somewhat similar to :iconlightlybow:'s very own Light At the End. WHICH YOU SHOULD READ, unknown audience.
{Author says stuff nobody else cares about}
I am going to use the older version of how I imagined this, where she needed/wanted him, and not really as much the other way around. It will be kind of alternate-universe-y, not really related to the real comic, because it's changed now and it's BETTER. F'reals.
{Back to less useless info}

Here's my plan:
~10-page limit
~horizontal format (because I've been wanting to try that!)
~COLOR (...wish me luck on that one)
and, perhaps scariest of all,
~HAND-DRAWN. Totals.

I will probably use the computer to color, but I want to exploit this opportunity of not having a functioning tablet to make myself actually draw. What does this mean, you ask? It means that even though I've been thinking Hanna Is Not A Boy's Name style, it may end up looking more like Blankets. (If I'm extremely lucky.)

Any hoo. That's that.
Wish me luck!

Oh, and also, PS: This doesn't mean a hiatus or break from Black Market, does it? Maybe. Because I draw that all digitally, so... no tablet...

As a bonus for visiting my blog:
Original Scan!

Old, bad colors!

See how much better it got? :)

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