Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Page

Black Market continues. (That's the title, by the way.)

I REALLY like how this page turned out.


  1. The art and design and layout of this page is really cool. But story-wise, I am confused as to what is going on. Did Squimp just say "x target" on the second panel? And then he's pressing on a button? or just touching the page that says x target? Is he a comic artist? Was the talk about super villains in the last two pages about the story HE is working on? And what is that "block" that is next to his right arm on the first panel? And what's "sky light entry" doing in the second panel? maybe they will be answered in future pages but that's what I'm wondering about and how this page confuses me.

  2. oh wait, I think I sort of figured some of my questions out, (after studying the page for a while)
    So he's drawing a map of some sort, a layout of a plan (guessing it's an evil plan?) and so you drew the layout as a back ground on the second panel for like a dramatic effect, which I really love, but it wasn't clear at first and caused confusion,
    so I'm wondering how to make it not confusing, and still keep it like that.
    (oops, I forgot to press Post Comment before getting distracted, I wasn't studying your page for hours trying to figure it out I promise!)

  3. Yeah--you got it right on the second comment. Hit it on the head. We're going to find out how all this stuff connects up and what's going on soon enough. That's all I can say for now.

    There are kind of a lot of things in this comic that are cool, world-specific things, but I don't really want to take a break and make the characters sound like idiots by explaining it all. If you know what I mean. I mean, some explanation may happen, but I think it'll be more indirect. But, also, then again, who knows? I am really just coming at this one page at a time. So we'll see.

    Hopefully, as Obi-Wan would say, the answers will be REVEALED. May the Force be with you. :)

  4. Do I detect Lucida Handwriting?

    This page is even more cool (because "cooler" just doesn't cut it) when viewed on a screen of statistically significant size.

    Based on what I've done so far, I think my comments on your pages will likely be sort of peanut-gallery-style. I won't commit to being intelligent or helpful...

  5. I love peanut galleries! Who doesn't? The only people who maybe don't are Bolsheviks!!

    And I checked on the font, and I think it's technically "Segoe Script Bold," but that isn't really any better. (Too lazy to hand letter :D)