Thursday, May 5, 2011

For Real

Okay, fellas. I've broken down and started a blog. Hopefully ,it will be a semi-professional place to put my art, and (unlike my dA account) will not have horrible, bad artwork on it from a couple of years ago.
So... for your viewing pleasure, I'll put up this guy.


  1. hahaha! That's an AWESOME character!!
    can he transform into a fox?
    He's so hairy and everything but I find him pretty hot (Lol)! xD

  2. Thanks. :) Maybe I'll do something with him, since I've gotten positive feedback about him.

    He looks like he could maybe make a good 3-D character. Kinda like the Dream Giver. Dude.

  3. We met a guy last Sunday with almost that profile. Like, the bridge of his nose did that. I told him he had a cool profile, which was not the _most_ awkward way to start a conversation.

  4. Madeleine: Ha!
    Emily: Oh! THAT guy! Connection made.

  5. Haha; that's awesome, Emily.
    And Younhee: What?